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2019 AcE Race Players Pack



In honor of our 40th Anniversary we've decided to do something special. We'll be bringing back three of our original discs that is no longer in production and remaking them for the first time in a premium plastic, specifically for the Ace Race. 2019 is the Race of the Classics! ♠️🏁

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General Player Info

August, September and October.


Check the calendar for the Ace Race in your area... or run your own Ace Race!


To run an event, see TD Info page.

Two rounds of 18 holes, one throw per hole per player.

Course layout:
Holes are generally between 180 and 250 feet (55 to 75 meters).

Entry fee: $30 (US), $30 up to $45 (non-US)

Player package:
The 2018 player pack is still being finalized,check back later for more info.

Prize package:
Grand prize for each event is a Discraft merchandise package, including a bag and new discs, plus a trophy disc. Large events (150+ players, ask your TD!) will also receive a CHAINSTAR BASKET as their grand prize! Events are also encouraged to offer an optional cash side pot for those who wish to participate, which is divided proportionally among the number of aces and/or metal hits.

To sign up:
Contact your local Ace Race Tournament Director from the calendar page.

Rules of play:

Players are required to use the player package discs, and only these discs. If a disc is lost, the player has the option of using the second disc from the package. Only one throw per player per hole. Groups of up to eight players are generally acceptable, depending on course, time of day and TD discretion. All players should have their own scorecards and mark "A" for aces and "M" for holes on which they hit metal. Scoring formats may vary slightly at TD discretion.

After all players in the group have thrown, discs are picked up and the group moves directly to the next tee. Players keep their scorecards for round two, using the next line on the card to record the round.

The player with the most aces after 36 holes is declared the winner. In case of ties, the number of metal hits is used as a tie breaker. If a tie persists, an approach-length closest to the pin contest is then used to determine the event winner. Scoring formats may vary slightly at TD discretion.


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