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2024 Ace Race Players Pack



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June 2024 - January 2025


Check the calendar for the Ace Race in your area... or run your own Ace Race!


To run an event, see TD Info page.

Two rounds of 18 holes, one throw per hole per player.

Course layout:
Holes are generally between 125 and 225feet.

Entry fee: $40 (US), up to $55 (non-US)

Player package:
The 2024 player pack is still being finalized, check back later for more info.

Prize package:
The 2024
 prize packages are still being finalized, check back later for more info. 

**Events are also encouraged to offer an optional cash side pot for those who wish to participate, which is divided proportionally among the number of aces and/or metal hits.

To sign up:
Contact your local Ace Race Tournament Director from the calendar page.

Rules of play:


Players are required to use the player pack discs, and only these discs. If a disc is lost, the player has the option of using the second disc from the pack. Only one throw per player per hole (or more at TD discretion). Groups of up to 8-10 are generally acceptable (or more at TD discretion).


There should be a minimum of 2 scorecards per group. You will mark “A” for aces and “M” for metal hits. The player with the most aces after the second round is declared the winner. In case of ties, the number of metal hits is used as a tiebreaker. If a tie persists, a closest to the pin contest is then held to determine the event winner. 

General Player Info

  • The Website has changed! How do I host an Ace Race Event?
    We have streamlined everything into this new website. Please bare with us if there are any issues, we see this being a big step in the right direction for the future of the Ace Race. All TDs will need to register on this site in order to host their event. By registering you will recieve access to your special Ace Race Event page to enter all your event details, a page to enter your TD contact info and even upload a picture of yourself! You will also need an account to purchase your Player Packs for your event. To register to become a TD, please click HERE.
  • How do I order my player packages, and when do I need to pay?"
    New for 2024, TDs will be ordering player packs on a dedicated Ace Race shopify store. When logged in to your account, you will head to the Shop page to purchase your player packs. Please remember that you must order a minimum of 20 player packs on your first order. Reorders may be made with a minimum of 10 packs. Our new system accepts all major payment platforms.
  • When should I order my player packages?
    Two weeks before your event for orders from the continental United States. International Ace Races should order three weeks ahead. We also suggest that events being held on military bases provide us with an off-base address for shipping purposes to ensure prompt delivery. Regardless of when you order, your player packs will not be sent until just prior to your event. You will be notified via email when your order ships.
  • What is the minimum number of player packages I can order?
  • What will my costs be?
    The TD package is free (including banner, tee flags, pencils and grand prizes). Your costs are $25 US per player package plus shipping costs (approximately $1 - $2 per player pack). Player entry fees are $40 (US mandatory), up to US$55 (non US, at TD discretion) so the remainder is profit for you, your club or your charity… or use the extra to provide additional prizes or other player perks!
  • How do I determine how many player packages I should order?
    The easiest way is to pre-register your players. Many Ace Race events will order a 'cushion' amount of additional packages to cover players who show up the day of the event. Depending on how much you've promoted, ordering an additional ten to twenty player packages is generally considered safe.
  • If I order more player packages than I use, can I return the unused packs?"
    TDs are responsible for all player packages ordered, returns will not be accepted. However, if you do end up with more than you use, it is very easy to get your investment back, since the package is worth significantly more. You could sell one of the discs for $15, and have the rest of a package available for club giveaways, etc.
  • Can I order specific colors and weights on my player pack discs?
    Unfortunately, no. We will do our best to ship you the widest selection of weights and colors as possible, but variations ultimately depend on what is in stock at the time of your order.
  • Can I order (XX) number of player packages now, and more later if I need to?"
    Yes, as long as each additional order is at least ten packages. Keep in mind that you are also paying shipping costs, and these costs will go up if you're ordering multiple shipments.
  • One of my players wants to throw discs he got at an Ace Race earlier in the season. Can I charge him less and just not give him a player package?
    No. All entry fees must be the same ($30 US, up to $45 for international events), all players must receive a player pack and use the new discs in it. In an effort to keep the event as fair as possible for all participants, no "seasoned" discs are allowed.
  • Is my Ace Race sanctioned by the PDGA?
    No. As a result, anyone may participate regardless of PDGA membership.
  • My park is asking me to insure my event. Does Ace Race offer insurance?
    No. It is very rare that a park won't automatically cover your event, but budget cuts have caused a few to request outside insurance. It is very low in cost, we suggest you contact your home or auto insurance company and ask.
  • There is already an Ace Race scheduled in my area. Can I still run one?
    Possibly. We typically prefer a 30-mile buffer between potentially competing events, but that zone can shrink in more heavily populated areas. Previously scheduled events receive priority. Even with Discraft approval, you will most likely have to also obtain approval from the first event's TD. If that fails, Discraft reserves the right to defer to the initially scheduled event, and may request location changes to the second event, or to deny that event from participating.
  • What happens if I don’t follow the rules?
    Discraft reserves the right to refuse anyone the opportunity to run an Ace Race. Reasons for refusal/sanctions can include but are not limited to: providing false information, failure to follow event rules, altering entry fee or prizes without permission, failure to properly distribute prizes, purchasing player packs with the intention of retail sales, cancellation of a scheduled event without notice, scheduling an event with no intention of holding it (aka zone blocking).
  • What if I need to change my event date?
    That isn't a problem, as long as your new date is within Aug, Sep or Oct. To change your info is easier than ever, simply login to your Ace Race account, then under your Account, visit the "My Ace Race" page. You will be able to make edits to your event and save them. The changes will be updated on the calendar. Note: We should be aware of your event change to ensure you recieve your player packs in time. Please limit the number of changes you make to your event after submitting your event. This can be confusing to players and may add more work to our plate.
  • Can I run more than one event?
    Yes. Typically each event would need to be 30 miles apart, but this year things have slightly changed. Because we will be offering a different disc depending on the month of your event, we are adjusting the 30 mile range to events being held within the same month. If you'd like to host another event at the same course, please make sure it is in a different calendar month. Reach out to us to help you set up the second event on the website and map.
  • I am a retailer, and Ace Race is a great deal. Can I buy player packages with the intention of reselling them?"
    No. Ace Race prices are low to enable a fun and affordable event for players. While retailers are encouraged to run Ace Race events, purchase with the intent of resale is forbidden. Any business found in violation of this policy may lose its ability to order future products direct from the manufacturer, and instead be required to purchase Discraft products from a wholesaler.
  • Discraft recommends I shorten the holes on my course to between 180 and 250 feet for the Ace Race. Can I go shorter? How do I best shorten up some of my course's long holes?
    You may shorten your holes to give more players a chance. Remember that the more aces hit during your event, the more fun it is! Discraft will provide you with free flags that you can use to create Ace Race tee areas on the day of the event. You can order these (limit 40 flags per event) when ordering your player packages.
  • How does the special Ace Race wholesale discount work?
    One of the benefits of running an Ace Race is the ability to purchase other Discraft products at special wholesale prices. You can offer them to your players for resale to further increase your event's fundraising potential. Please note. Any stock orders must be placed before your Ace Race Event. Orders placed after your event will result in normal wholesale pricing. Simply follow this link to our order form: HERE When you submit the order form, be sure to mention that you are an Ace Race Event TD. That will ensure you recieve the correct pricing on your order.
  • Can I bring in additional sponsors?
    Yes. You are encouraged to make your event as big and successful as possible.
  • I want to create separate divisions. Can I break up the Grand Prize between them?
    No. You may create separate divisions if you like (some events like to create a junior's and/or a women's division), but the Grand Prize must be awarded to your top division, and cannot be broken up. If you make separate divisions, you must generate prizes for additional divisions on your own through sponsorships or club donations. We do offer the ability to purchase multiple Winner discs. These can be used for each division, but the Grand Prizes must not be broken up.
  • I want to serve lunch to my players. Is it okay to increase my entry fee to cover the cost?
    No. All Ace Race entry fees must be $30 (or up to US$45 for international events). If you want to offer additional side games or other benefits such as lunch, these must be optional for all players and not mandatory.
Player FAQs
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