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East Coast Eagles Ace Race

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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Trinity South
800 Hammond Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221, USA
About the Event:
About this tournament When: Sunday, August 25th, 2019 Format: Two rounds of 20 holes, one throw per hole per player Course Layout: Holes are generally between 90 and 150 feet. 2019 Player Package: Alongside our two mystery Ace Race discs ( to be announced later ), we've partnered with disc golf backpack company Upper Park Designs to bring you a disc golf backpack in every 2019 Player Pack. The backpack features a 3 disc putter pocket, storage inside for several more discs, a sweatshirt, and room for a 40oz bottle. This Draw bag makes for the perfect go-to for quick rounds. Each backpack also comes with a new Discraft Sport bottle, 2019 Paul McBeth reusable ScoreCard, Discraft towel, SnapCap, and more! All included with your $40 entry fee! Wow!!! Rules of Play: All players are required to use the player package discs, and only these discs. If a disc is lost, the player has the option of using the second disc from the package. Only one throw per player per hole. All playing groups will have their own scorecard, with each players name on the card, and the Team Captain will mark an "A" for any Ace thrown by a player, and an "M" for any metal hit by a player (metal hits are considered the basket cradle or higher). After all players in the group have thrown, discs are picked up and the group moves directly to the next tee. Following the 1st round, Team Captains will submit the scorecards, and they will be issued a new scorecard for Round #2. Following the 2nd Round, Team Captains will submit the scorecards once again. The player with the most Aces after 40 holes is declared the winner. In case of ties, the number of metal hits is used as a tie breaker. If a tie persists, a closest to the pin contest is then used to determine the event winner. 2019 Prizes for the event include: Grand Prize: Tournament backpack, winners disc, graffiti towel, and lanyard. 2nd Place: 3 discs, graffiti towel, and lanyard. 3rd Place: 1 disc, graffiti towel, and lanyard. To Register for this Awesome Event: Visit and scroll down to the event
Tournament Director
Roy Poteet
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