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The Race Is On!

Each year, disc golfers from around the world gather at their local courses for one purpose: to throw aces! No putting, no approaching... just runnin' at the chains.

To add to the challenge and excitement, players all throw the same model disc: a brand new, never-seen-before Discraft prototype disc that is introduced each year especially for Ace Race. The 2013 player's pack included two Titanium discs and other cool gear valued at $65. 2014's pack should be equally cool!
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Ypsilanti, MI
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Ace Race info for Players

NOTE: the following is 2013 info and is subject to change for 2014.

August, September and October. Check the calendar for the Ace Race in your area... or run your own ace race! To run an event, see the TD info page.

Two rounds of 18 holes, one throw per hole per player.

Course layout:
Holes are generally between 180 and 250 feet (55 to 75 meters).

Entry fee: $25

Player package:
Guaranteed to be at least twice the value of your entry fee! The 2013 player pack included two identical Discraft prototype discs made especially for Ace Race, plus a SuperColor mini, two reusable scorecards/bag tags, two drinking glasses, a can koozie and a sticker. More than a $65 value!

Rules of play:
Players are required to use the player package discs, and only these discs. If a disc is lost, the player has the option of using the second disc from the package. Only one throw per player per hole. All players should have their own scorecards and mark "A" for aces (a hole-in-one) and "M" for holes on which they hit metal.

After all players in the group have thrown, discs are picked up and the group moves directly to the next tee. Players keep their scorecards for round two, using the next line on the card to record the round.

The Discraft Ace Race is fun for everyone.

The player with the most aces after 36 holes is declared the winner. In case of ties, the number of metal hits is used as a tie breaker. If a tie persists, a closest to the pin contest is then used to determine the event winner.

Prize package:
2013 grand prize for each event was a Discraft merchandise package, including a bag, eight new discs and a Supercolor Buzzz trophy disc. Events are also encouraged to offer an optional cash side pot for those who wish to participate, which is divided proportionally among the number of aces and/or metal hits.

To sign up:
Contact your local Ace Race Event Director from the calendar page.

More questions?
See our frequently asked questions.

2013 poster
the 2013 Discraft Ace Race

Each event receives three free posters. Additional copies are available (3 for $5) or you can download to print your own and/or customize for the Web.

2013 proto reviews
the 2013 Discraft Ace Race prototype disc

Stuart Autry: "Very awesome. Best fairway driver you guys have ever made. Takes torque, holds it's line, somewhat overstable, you guys nailed it"
David Lee: "I've used mine more than I thought I would after the ace race, both are in my bag."
Doug Morley: "I love it. Easy to control at low speeds and gets great distance when ripped of the tee. Great addition to my bag."
@Keith_Baker417: "The proto ace race disc is very nice. Very straight flight at lower speeds and a great "s" when thrown harder."
Phillip Warner: "Holds a line great and has a great double breaking flight to give you that extra bit of distance. I can throw this just as far if not farther than some of the max distance drivers in my bag! Not to mention that great TI plastic. I would say this is starting to become my go to disc, great job Discraft."
Jayson Lantagne Sr.: "A little overstable but for the most its pretty straight. Great for a fairway driver and a really straight thumber. This disc is definitely in the bag after my son and I both scored an ace at the race"


The history of the Ace Race prototype discs

Each year Ace Racers are the first players to ever throw a new Discraft prototype disc. These discs are always designed to be easy to throw and control. Only 2008's Nebula and 2011's Zeppelin have never been officially released outside of Ace Race. Here's the breakdown of the discs since our first year in 2003:

  • 2003: Breeze
  • 2004: Glide
  • 2005: Slipstream
  • 2006: Meteor
  • 2007: Impact
  • 2008: Nebula
  • 2009: Focus
  • 2010: Hornet
  • 2011: Zeppelin
  • 2012: Zombee
  • 2013: Mantis

  • 2013 Mantis

    2014 event registration is now open!

    It's your turn! You can begin the process of registering to hold a local Ace Race here. Remember to make your Ace Race plans for Aug, Sept or Oct. Get ready to run it!

    Ace Race: Get Ready To Run It!

    What is Ace Race? It's a fun event that helps disc golf grow by introducing thousands of new players to the joys of the sport! Each participant gets a huge player pack of cool stuff, then everyone plays two rounds of disc golf, but instead of keeping score the only goal is to throw aces (also known as a hole-in-one)! Holes are shortened, and everyone is throwing the same disc: a brand new Discraft prototype disc that is easy to throw and developed just for the event. It's a blast!

    How to be a player: Go to the event calendar page and zoom the map to your area to find the nearest ace race. Click that event's icon to find the city and date information, then scroll down the calendar page to that date and find the contact information for your local event.

    How to be an event director: If you don't find a scheduled event in your area, you can host your own Ace Race! No previous experience as a Tournament Director is required. Ace Races are limited to one per community, so register your local event early. If you wait, someone could lock in the Ace Race in your town ahead of you. See the TD info page to learn more.

    Latest additions to the 2014 event calendar:

    • Monticello, IA
    • Watertown, WI
    • Sterling, CO
    • Temecula, CA
    • Osseo, WI
    • Koh Samui, THAILAND
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Shelton, WA
    • Mountian View, HI
    • Whitehall, MI
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Troy, MI
    • Walhalla, SC
    • Olympia Fields, IL
    • Greer, SC
    • Belding, MI
    • Orlando, FL
    • Farmington, MO
    • Perry, GA
    • Wilmington, DE
    • Manton, MI
    • Klamath Falls, OR
    • Amory, MS
    • Hopedale, IL

    2013 Ace Race prototype disc is now the Mantis

    It's official! PDGA has approved the 2013 Ace Race prototype, and it has been renamed the Mantis. All copies -- including the official Ace Race version -- are now PDGA tournament approved. Ask your disc golf retailer for Mantis in durable Z plastic.

    Ace Race 2013, YOU DID IT!
    Largest Event in the History of Disc Golf!

    Ace Race 2013: Largest Event in Disc Golf History

    Congratulations Ace Racers: 2013 saw Ace Race become the largest disc golf event in the history of the sport! With 19,818 players participating in 397 global locations, Ace Race has eclipsed the World's Biggest Disc Golf Weekend from it's height in the mid 1990's when it reported a turnout of 18,000 players at 200 locations. You. Are. AWESOME!

    2013 totals (2012)

    • Total worldwide events: 397 (347)
    • Total participating players: 19,818 (15,601)
    • Average players per event: 50 (45)
    • Total countries represented: 14 (12)
    • Largest event: Kansas City/Scott Reek: 300 (280)
    • Great states: leading US states by number of events:
      1. Texas: 28 (leader for 2nd year in a row!)
      2. Michigan: 27
      3. California: 26
      4. Wisconsin: 17
      5. Florida: 16
      6. Ohio: 15
      7. Colorado: 12
      8. Illinois: 12
      9. North Carolina: 12
      10. Minnesota: 12
    Special shout-outs to the TDs of the first Ace Races in these cool places:
    • South Korea / James Kim
    • Guam / Kyle Jacobsen
    • New Zealand / Logan Gemmell

    Every player receives a sweet player pack!
    2013 Ace Race player pack

    We will announce the 2014 player pack in July. The 2013 Ace Race player pack included:

    • Two copies of the 2013 Ace Race prototype disc: It's a beginner-friendly distance driver... and it's in premium Titanium plastic!
    • One Titanium mini Magnet: you've never seen one before, since they've never been made before!
    • Two reusable scorecards/bag tags: something else you've never seen before! We commissioned these reusable scorecards just for 2013 Ace Racers. With a pencil and a clean eraser, you can use your new scorecards for round after round. The first one is credit card sized... keep it in your wallet and you'll always have a scorecard ready to go. It also makes a cool bag tag!
      The 2nd reusable scorecard is larger for easier use and up to six rounds of 18 before it needs erasing. The flipside has the complete 2013 Discraft flight chart for easy reference anytime. Stash it in your back pocket, in your bag, or use the punch hole to hang it wherever you like.
      We're also including a pencil with eraser with your Ace Race player package, so you can start using these cards right away.
    • Two high impact plastic pint glasses: very cool!
    • One beverage koozie: silver on black, jack.
    • One tri-panel Discraft sticker: three stickers in one.

    How fun is Ace Race? The Buffalo Grove, IL club will show you!

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